Waiver and Release Statement

In consideration of being permitted to have my dog attend Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare:

  • I agree that when my pet attends Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare, Grooming or Taxi that I have read, understood and accept the following risks involved. Whilst I understand that all care and effort will be taken to prevent injuries and whilst injuries rarely occur, injuries that may occur throughout the daycare day or grooming day could be, but are not limited to: • Minor and Major dog scratches • Minor and major dog bites • Broken Bones • Torn Ligaments • Canine  • Foot infections and sore pads • Worn down nails • Muscle sprains • Canine infectious diseases • Breed specific injuries.  Whilst it is understood that the daycare staff will exercise caution and their duty of care during the day, and that careful assessments are made on every dog that attends daycare, I am aware that due to the nature of the environment, my pet may be injured due to accidents and that no amount of supervision, sanitation or cleanliness could prevent an airborne illness such as canine cough from spreading.

  • I understand that should my dog fall into the following categories which are fence jumping, high energy play / behaviour and/ or under 12mths of age that the risk of an accident occurring within Diesel & Blue is higher. By bringing my dog to Diesel & Blue I exclusively accept the fact that an accident may occur due to the below reasons no matter how much supervision and training is provided to my dog. I therefore will not hold Diesel & Blue Pty Ltd T/A Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare responsible for any vet bills associated with the actions of my dog or for any of the reasons listed below.

    • Injuries that could occur anywhere at any time due to general dog activity such as cruciate rupture and ligament damage.

    • Breed/Age specific prone injuries and illnesses that could occur anywhere at any time such as, but not limited to, tibial avulsions or Salter-Harris fractures.

  • I am aware that should my pet be presented for grooming in a “matted” or otherwise anomalous condition and/or my pet is excitable or aggressive during the grooming process that I have read and understand the following:

    • The groomer will exercise caution and their duty of care during the grooming process, however I am aware that due to the environment, its condition or temperament, my pet may be cut or grazed.

    • The groomer will not de-matt my dog in line with its no-de-matting policy and will clip my pet as is necessary (in their opinion) to remove the matted coat

    • The Groomer may muzzle my dog or use grooming restraints in the interest of safety for my dog and the grooming staff should it be excitable or aggressive.

  • I authorise Diesel & Blue to attend a vet of their own choosing to seek veterinary attention for my dog should an undesirable incident occur or they suspect my dog of being ill and in need of immediate veterinary attention.  I am aware that this may not be the vet I usually attend with my pet.

  • I understand that Diesel & Blue closes at 5:30pm sharp, and should I be late the following charges may apply:

  • Up to 15 minutes = $15

  • 15-30 minutes = $30

  • 30-45 minutes = $75 Should I be later than 30 minutes, or I am unable to make arrangements for my dog to be picked up within the time, my dog may be boarded overnight at a fixed cost of $150

  • I agree that my dog is on a regular flea, worm and tick prevention treatment and therefore should not have fleas, nor be able to pick up fleas from other dogs at Diesel & Blue. I understand what Capstar is and I agree for my dog to be administered one at a cost to me should fleas be present on my dog. I understand all dogs being administered Capstar are monitored for any adverse reaction

  • I have read all of the statements above as proved by my signature  and understand all of the risks involved in my dog attending Diesel & Blue. I do not and will not hold any of the staff or the business responsible for any incidents that occur or deem them liable for the veterinary costs that may be incurred due to accidents. I understand I will be responsible for all veterinary costs to do with my dog in the event of an accident, illness or injury or should my dog cause injury to any other dog within the facility. I understand that due to me not holding Diesel & Blue Pty Ltd trading as Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare liable for any costs associated with the above that it is strongly recommended to me to have full cover pet Insurance for my dog.