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At the Diesel & Blue grooming salon, we ensure all of our fur-clients have a fun and calm visit as well as looking and smelling their very best when they leave! All new clients will meet with your groomer to ensure we meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on helping you to maintain a beautiful coat so will often advise you of what you can be doing at home, tools that may help and how often you should visit. We are always available to chat about your pooches grooming needs, just ask.

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Grooming Salon

Dog Washes

A wash with Diesel & Blue will always include eyes, ears and nails and an appropriate shampoo and conditioner...

Grooming Photos-7.jpg

Dog Grooms

As with our washes all grooms include eyes, ears and nails plus we clip to a breed standard or your preferred length & shape, plus more...


Puppy's First Groom

It's a good idea for your puppy to get used to being handled, brushed and groomed at a young age.

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