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First Groom for Puppies

It's important that your puppy gets used to being handled, brushed and groomed at an early age. It makes it so much easier, especially for doggos that need regular grooms when they are older.


Book your pooch for any salon treatment and your fur child can stay for daycare for half price (applies only on the day they are booked for a grooming).


A coat that needs regular grooming should begin at 12 weeks (if vaccines allow) so that your pup gets used to the process.

Your pup's first groom includes:

  • Wash

  • Dry

  • Nails

  • Tidy (face/feet/ sanitary)

All done in a calm and enjoyable environment to set them up for a lifetime of enjoyable grooms.  We recommend a series of spaced grooms to introduce and educate your pups.  We will also work to educate you on the tasks you can undertake at home to assist.

Puppy’s First Grooming is just $63. ($240/block of 4 apts)

Contact us to book.

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