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Frequently Asked Questions


All new enrolments will be assessed before permanently  joining our D&B family to ensure they meet our temperament standards (not all dogs thrive in daycare).
To assist this we always book new pack members to arrive after 930am on their first day, as the morning arrival window for our regulars can seem a bit too high energy for a new pup.   On arrival we will take your fur-pal into the dogs/staff only area whilst you can meet in the office to complete enrolment paperwork.  It's important that you remember to bring the vaccination certification as we are very strict on only accepting C5 vaccinated dogs.

The first couple of hours for your pup are essential to ensure they have a great beginning, we let them assess us whilst we are are checking their reactions and behaviours with other potential pack mates.  

At the end of their first visit we will be able to tell you how they went and who we feel is the appropriate pack for them to join (in consideration of your schedule as well). The initial five visits are considered 'probation' as we further get to know your doggo.


Why a Probation Period?

Once a new dog has had their first successful day at Diesel and Blue Doggie Daycare the next four visit are considered 'probationary'.  You see the initial assessment gives a brief glimpse of your dogs dominant behaviours but we have found that as a dog becomes more relaxed in the environment we see the full picture.  It's important we ensure that both your fur-baby and the rest of the pack enjoys the experience as well.  If there are any concerns or suggestions we have to enhance your pups experience we will share them with you.  We are also able to make additional referrals if we feel there is a better option for your doggo.

What is a Multi Pass?

Once your doggo has passed 'probation' and you plan on having a regular booking you are welcome to purchase a multi-pass.  A multi-pass is valid for 5 weeks only (when any remaining credits will expire).  We will advise whether a bronze (one day a week); silver (two days a week) or Gold (3 days a week) pass is appropriate.   Once purchased we will enter this into our bookings system and these will be used against all future appointments.  

Do you offer dog grooming?

One of the beauties of Diesel and Blue is the convenience which it offers you and your fur-tribe.  We do offer dog grooming which can be a stand alone appointment or combined with a daycare day (the daycare fee is half price when you book a groom on the same day).  

This combined with the doggie taxi makes us a one-stop-shop for all things doggo happiness.

If you prefer to just drop off your pup for a groom we can book a window for this service and call you when they are ready for pick up.

 Please keep in mind that a current C5 vaccination certificate is still required if your pup is only attending the grooming salon. 

Taxi Service

You can request pick-up/drop-off or both, only $5 each way.  

Pick-ups are completed between 8am – 10am whilst drop home begins at 4.30 – 6.30pm.  Currently large dogs are ferried on the back of the ute and smaller pups get to ride in style inside, all pups are secured when travelling 

If you have a booking for pick-up we ask that you leave your pup’s lead in the place that we will enter to pick them up e.g. front door, side gate or fence.  On dropping your pooch home, we will leave their lead and report card on the front doorstep.

The Diesel and Blue Doggie-Taxi service can be used for both full day and half day visits and can also be booked to visit a grooming salon appointment. 

What are your opening hours? 

Diesel and Blue Doggie Daycare is open Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.

If these hours are not conducive to your work hours you may want to consider a doggie taxi (see link).

If you are looking for weekend or over-night minding check out out options here (LINK TO MInding page here)

How many days a week to you recommend

Every dog responds differently to doggie daycare.  There is the obvious physical exertion  but also significant mental stimulation, this is why many will take themselves off to bed straight after dinner on a daycare day..  We therefore generally do not recommend more than 3 days a week for most pups.  Ideally these 3 days are spread across the week allowing a rest day between visits.  We of course will work with you and your doggo  so have a chat with us and we can design the most appropriate approach for your family.

At what age can my dog come?

All pups that come to daycare need to have completed their vaccinations this is usually complete around 12 weeks.

We also work with you to ensure we introduce your fur-child slowly and within their capabilities.  Young dogs generally need lots of rest between bursts of activity so we often suggest startign with a 1/2 day or we 

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