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Why do we ask you for your dog's C5 Vaccination?

C3, C5, C7 - it’s no wonder canine vaccination requirements get confusing but we’re here to clear it all up.

Firstly, what is a dog vaccination?

Dog vaccinations are an important part of preventing disease, keeping our fur babies healthy, and ensuring they can more safely spend time around other dogs. The vaccines work by stimulating your dog’s immune system to be able to identify and destroy certain viruses that cause disease. Using a small portion of a virus, a vaccine will trigger your dog’s body to produce antibodies against that virus. So, if or when the real virus tries to invade your dog, these antibodies bind to and neutralise the virus before it can take hold.

When does my dog need to be vaccinated?

This will depend on their age and the type of vaccination. For example, puppies will need more vaccinations in order to ensure they are properly protected. Some vaccinations such as for parvovirus last up to three years whereas there is no long lasting immunity for kennel cough so vaccination is required each and every year - a bit like the yearly flu vaccination for humans.

The different types of vaccines:

C3 Vaccination - provides protection against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis viruses.

C5 Vaccination - provides protection against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis viruses as well as kennel cough.

C7 Vaccination - provides protection against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis viruses, kennel cough as well as leptosporosis.

Let’s break down the vaccination schedule for your puppy/dog:

6 – 8 weeks old - 1st vaccination

Your puppy requires a C3 vaccination to protect them against canine parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis viruses. They have usually had this before they became the new addition of our family. If not, book them in as soon as possible.

12 weeks old - 2nd vaccination

This can either be the C3 or the C5 vaccination. We highly recommend the C5 vaccination to ensure that your pet is protected against the highly contagious kennel/Canine Cough or even better the C7 vaccination so they are ALSO vaccinated against Leptospirosis - an infectious disease caused by a type of bacteria called Leptospira. The disease causes serious damage to the kidney and liver, and may be fatal in severe cases.

16 weeks old - 3rd vaccination

Again, this can be either the C3, C5 or C7 vaccination. This is your puppy’s final vaccination! But remember that they will not be fully protected for another two weeks.

Yearly Vaccination

After your puppy’s 3rd vaccination and for ALL older dogs, they will need to have a yearly vaccination to keep them fully protected. This should be a C5 vaccination to protect against kennel/canine cough.

Vaccination requirements to attend Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare

A yearly C5 vaccination is the minimum requirement for all dogs attending Diesel & Blue. This applies to all services - daycare, grooming, café dog classes (puppy classes are our only exception when coming at 8 weeks, we undertake deep cleaning in preparation for these young pups). We require documentation from your vet to ensure everything is a-ok.

Don’t worry if you forget, we will send you a reminder a month before and then two weeks before your dog’s vaccination is due! This is designed to ensure continuity of care with us - so your fur baby can continue to attend. All we need then is a C5 vaccination certificate from your vet.


  • To attend Diesel & Blue for any of our services your dog needs their yearly booster to protect against kennel/canine cough

  • We’ll email you one month and then again two weeks before your dog’s vaccination requirement expires to ensure you have time to get them up-to-date

  • You’ll need to provide a C5 Certificate, their updated passport or equivalent from your vet to be compliant

  • Even with a yearly booster, your dog can still catch kennel/canine cough (just like a human can still get the flu after a yearly booster) however, being vaccinated will reduce the severity of symptoms. You can learn more about kennel/canine cough HERE

If you have any questions or concerns about your pooch and their vaccinations, get in touch with us at Diesel & Blue.

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