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Should I groom my dog in winter?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Dog Groom at Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare

Many people believe that ceasing grooming of their dog over winter is a good idea - that a longer coat will keep them warm and snug during the colder weather. However, it may be even more important to groom your dog in winter - the cold weather often stimulates hair growth which can result in matting of the hair and skin problems.

Maintaining their coat during winter, when you do want them to have long, fluffy and warm coats, is important - even if it’s not a full groom - at least every second time we should book in for a wash, blow dry and brush out. You’ll be glad you did when the weather warms up. You’ll avoid a terrible coat arriving after winter that needs to be completely shaved off to start again - that’s not comfortable for your pup.

Debunking the myths around winter grooming

  • My dog’s hair stops growing during winter - It may slow a little but it will never stop.

  • My dog’s coat doesn’t get as dirty over winter - Nope, in fact with an extra long coat they probably get dirtier than usual.

  • They’ll get cold if they are groomed - Only if they sleep outside and is shaved off in a summer cut - not something we’d do during winter.

  • The extra hair stops them from getting fleas, itchy, dry or greasy skin, allergies and hotspots - In fact, a too long coat during winter makes detection of all these things harder.

Continue to bring your dog in for grooming during winter

Keep your dogs coat at a manageable length

At Diesel & Blue we will:

  • Provide a groom that leaves plenty of hair on your dog for during the colder months, tidy grooms to long comb clips

  • Assess your dog’s skin, advise of any problems and even possibly treat any issues with the right shampoo

  • Catch any early matting of the hair and ensure it is brushed out with the correct tools and products to eliminate any discomfort

  • Keep your dog’s coat at a manageable length all year long, making it easier for you to brush your dog’s hair regularly at home

  • Partner with you in caring for your dog’s coat. We will offer tips and tricks and can show you the tools to use to make your job easier at home.

Top tips from the Diesel & Blue Doggie Daycare head groomer

We don’t want to put your dog through the pain of getting knots out so they can look nice and fluffy - we love them too much - so you can help us by doing the following simple things:

  1. Brush their legs since that’s where a lot of matting can occur

  2. Brush your dog thoroughly and vigorously every few days - this means brushing from every direction, not just one way like we do with our own hair

  3. Play with their paws and legs regularly so they get used to being touched there - it makes it easier (and more fun) at grooming time

  4. Start having your pooch groomed at a young age so they get used to the process. A coat that needs regular grooming should begin at 12 weeks in order to desensitise. For this reason we offer a Puppy’s First Groom for just $50.

All dogs need a bath, a trim and a good loosening and brush out of dead hair (deshed) from time to time - even during winter.

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